Global Young Leaders present recommendations for future work of WDC

Young leaders in the field of dementia are attending the World Health Organization’s First Global Ministerial Conference on Global Action Against Dementia from 16-17 March 2015, to present their recommendations for the future work of the World Dementia Council (WDC).

Over the past year, 120 young leaders from a variety of different sectors met at workshops organised by the UK Science and Innovation Network in Ottawa, Tokyo, Washington DC and London, to discuss approaches to improve dementia care, cure, research and awareness, and develop creative and innovative ideas to support the ongoing work of the WDC.

The workshops resulted in some exciting discussions and innovative recommendations, including the development of an international symbol for dementia-friendly products, a cross-disciplinary challenge prize, and the creative use of mobile technologies to improve access to care at home.

Representatives from each of the 4 events are attending the WHO Conference not only to present their recommendations, but also to meet with world experts and decision-makers and promote the young leaders network as a key player in addressing the challenge of dementia.

The young leaders network will also sign a number of commitments in the Global Dementia Framework, confirming their future active role in the global fight against dementia.

Read their recommendations in a one-page declaration and in a detailed communiqué.