Keeping dementia on the international agenda

At the London summit the G8 made historic commitments to improve the lives of people affected by dementia today and to speed up the development of disease modifying drugs so that the first treatment is available by 2025. The role of the World Dementia Council is to challenge and support international governmental organisation to realise and accede these ambition. December 2018 will mark the fifth anniversary of the London summit. Throughout 2018 the World Dementia Council is reviewing what has happened since the 2013 summit in these key areas and identifying key actions needed to accelerate progress. The council will work with experts and industry, academia and governments to build consensus on what actions are needed. The review will focus on four areas where progress can make a significant difference to people living with dementia, today and in the future. 

  • Global advocacy

    Dementia is the biggest health challenge facing the international community. No one country and no one individual can alone meet this challenge. Only through greater international collaboration will we together defeat dementia. The World Dementia Council works to keep dementia on the international agenda.