Dementia leaders in research to hold follow up dialogue and move focus to clinical trials

Chaired once again by Dr Maria Carrillo and Professor Philip Scheltens, a follow up to the first global dialogue on research is to be held on Tuesday 9 March 2021. It reconvenes participants that previously met on November 2020 to cover the topics of early detection and biomarkers.

Professor Jeffrey Cummings will introduce thoughts on the challenges and progress in clinical trials, as well as brief reflections from Dr Mike Devous on Eli Lilly's Donanemab trial as an exemplar of the evolving design of clinical trials.

The global project is reviewing international progress towards the 2025 dementia goals. At the G8 dementia summit in 2013, governments pledged to work together to advance research, improve care, raise awareness and prevent dementia. Along with workshops we have already held, the roundtables will likewise bring together global leaders to review progress. In 2021 the Council will publish a report on progress towards the 2025 goals.

Other global dialogues that have been held as part of this series have included the topics of care, which assessed the models of care and the burden of caregivers, as well as on prevention, which looked at the state of play around current thinking in risk reduction strategies and lessons from other public health initiatives. Other upcoming dialogues will also shift focus to technology and dementia, as well as the progress being made in dementia in low- and middle-income countries.