The World Dementia Council helps change the lives of people with dementia by securing change internationally working with international governmental and non-governmental organisations. Through the collaborative strength of governments, industry, researchers and health and social care systems all working together we can transform the prospects for people affected by dementia in all its forms, so that the disease no longer negatively impacts on lives in the way it does today.

The World Dementia Council was established by the G8 (now G7) at the London Dementia Summit in 2013. The council has 23 members drawn from around the globe. At the London summit the G8 made historic commitments to improve the lives of people affected by dementia today and to speed up the development of disease modifying drugs so that the first treatment is available by 2025. The role of the World Dementia Council is to challenge and support international governmental organisation to realise and accede these ambition. Through monitoring progress, identifying what further international action is needed and building, expanding and nurturing global networks the World Dementia Council helps galvanise global efforts to beat dementia.

  • Our members

    The World Dementia Council has 24 members working across six continents. Council members are global leaders who work in research, academia, industry and civil society. The Council also includes members who are living with dementia. 

  • Our associate members

    Our associate members represent national governments, organizations such as the OECD and WHO and other international organizations. They help to ensure that WDC’s agenda aligns with other global dementia initiatives, providing the Council with important advice, guidance and intelligence. 

  • Our meetings

    The council has 24 members drawn from around the world as well as associate members representing governments and international organisations such as the OECD and WHO. The Council meets twice a year. Since it was established the council has met twelve times to review the international dementia agenda and progress towards the 2025 ambitions. 

  • Our executive team

    The World Dementia Council has a small executive team based in London. It is led by the executive director, Lenny Shallcross.

  • Our history

    The World Dementia Council (WDC) was created in February 2014, following the G8 Dementia Summit in London in December 2013.