The World Dementia Council was established by the G8 (now G7) after the Dementia Summit held in London in December 2013. It is a UK based charity led by a strategic council of global dementia leaders. The council has 24 members drawn from around the world as well as associate members representing governments and international organisations such as the OECD and WHO.

The council meets once a year. Since it was established council meets to review the international dementia agenda and progress towards the 2025 goals. Council meetings are attended by council members and associate members, as well as other invited observers.

  • WDC15

    Whilst originally planned to be hosted by AAIC20 as part of this year's conference in Amsterdam, the World Dementia Council met for the 15th time on 31 July 2020 via a virtual meeting. The WDC was moved online along with the conference due to Covid-19.

  • WDC14

    Hosted by Alzheimer's Association at AAIC19, the World Dementia Council met for the 14th time on 18 July 2019 in Los Angeles, US. The council reviewed its ongoing projects around dementia friendly initiatives and data sharing, and set out plans for further work in 2020.

  • WDC13

    Hosted by Alzheimer's Society (UK), the World Dementia Council met for the 13th time on 8 October 2018 in London, UK. The council agreed to host a five-year progress summit with the Wellcome Trust and Janssen Neuroscience later in the year.



  • WDC12

    Hosted by HGPI, the World Dementia Council met for the 12th time on 13-14 March 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. The council reviewed its international work to realise the 2025 ambitions.

  • WDC11

    The World Dementia Council met for the 11th time on 20-21 July 2017 in London, UK.

  • WDC10

    Hosted by the OECD, the World Dementia Council met for the 10th time on 27-28 February 2017 in Paris, France.