Netherland government dementia summit programme

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of The Netherlands with the collaboration of the World Dementia Council are hosting a high-level meeting on ‘Defeating Dementia’. The aim of the event is threefold:

• To discuss the challenges dementia poses to society and the urgency of this issue.

• To highlight the swift progress that could be made in care delivery, diagnosis and drug discovery.

• To agree on concrete actions to improve dementia care and to drive research forward, not least by increasing global public investment in dementia research.

The high-level meeting is hosted by the Netherlands Minister for Long-Term Care, Conny Helder, with remarks from Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Across the course of the day there will be addresses from representatives of G20 governments and the World Health Organization. In addition, there will be four high-level expert panels on diagnosing dementia, prevention, the challenge of an ageing society and technology. Each session will be introduced by a global expert who will give their perspective on the topic. Panelist and audience participants will share reflections on the topic. The meeting will conclude with agreement on a governmental communique setting out how policymakers can help advance research and deliver better care to people living with dementia today and in the future.

You can read the programme here