This was the first of three meetings taking place this year. The second is a side event of G7 health ministerial meeting in Japan. In October the Netherlands Government are organising a high-level meeting on dementia.

The theme of this first meeting was “dementia in a new era, prevent, diagnose, treat”. For decades Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia have been poorly diagnosed, with a large number of misdiagnosed individuals and many more undiagnosed, and untreatable. While we have been able to manage symptoms, we have been unable to change the trajectory of the disease. All that is now beginning to change. Change won’t happen overnight, but the decade ahead will be different from every decade that has gone before, and as the years roll out increasingly so. These changes will throw up new challenges for how we diagnose patients, how we deliver and pay for treatments and how health systems provide support and care. We want across the day to explore those questions. But as in other disease areas, the companion to treatment is prevention and we want to explore the role of prevention interventions in future health management. The meeting was chaired by Philip Scheltens Professor of Cognitive Neurology and Director Alzheimer Center, University of Amsterdam Medical Centers Chair, World Dementia Council. Transcrips from the meeting will be published in the next few week.


  • Agenda

    Read the the agenda for the World Dementia Council summit 2023 at the Francis Crick Institute in London. The one day meeting is chaired by Professor Philip Scheltens, chair of the World Dementia Council and has over 150 international leaders in dementia from around the world from across the dementia field participating.  

  • Attendees

    Read the biographies of the hosts, speakers and participants in the World Dementia Council summit 2023 taking place at the Francis Crick Institute in London. Over 150 participants are taking part in a one day event reflecting on the challenges in the dementia field over the next decade in an era of treatments.