Joanne and Philip

2024 World Dementia Council Summit

We are looking forward to hosting the 2024 World Dementia Council Summit: The next 10 years: from therapies through to brain health. The Summit, which will explore the changing landscape over the next decade, will be held on 26 March at the Francis Crick Institute in London.

The Summit will hear the perspective of politicians, policymakers, the research community, industry, care providers and advocates. We want to address, across a range of policy areas, what can be expected over the next decade and how can policymakers and the community influence the rate of progress.

This is an exciting time for our field. After decades of frustration and dashed hope we have the first disease modifying treatments approved in some countries. This breakthrough has given the field enormous renewed optimism. The science is on the right track – from understanding the underlying biology, through to the development of treatments and biomarkers. And over the next decade we can be confident we will see patients getting a more accurate diagnosis and new treatment in Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The question is not will whether we make progress over the next decade but how quickly we make progress and how quickly patients see the benefit of these breakthroughs. That is one of the themes we will explore at the 2024 WDC Summit.

We will also address questions on how we diagnose and when. How we can ensure new treatments don’t increase inequity. How we can at the same time as treating patients provide good quality innovative care and support. And how we can address the public health challenges as a field we face.

For more information about the day and registering click here.

Professor Philip Scheltens and Dr Joanne Pike, Chair and Vice Chair WDC