Evidence framework

Download "Dementia prevention in Japan"
Download the methodology, bibliography​​​​​​ and survey data paper

To conduct the project, an evidence framework was designed to compare and synthesize a global evidence base. It needed to consider the variety of initiatives designed to have impact, the breadth of evidence likely to be submitted, and the range of voices who would contribute.

Evidence for this project was collected from several contributors – academic papers and published literature, surveys, and roundtables – to provide a global assessment of dementia friendliness, whilst also drawing on the expertise of regions who have historically shown leadership in dementia. The project has drawn on a variety of experts, including most importantly people with dementia and caregivers, as well as activists, volunteers, third sector organizations, academics, policymakers and leaders within the dementia movement.

More information on the evidence framework, literature and data collected can be found in the methodology, bibliography and survey data paper.

The Council is also grateful for an evidence paper prepared by Tomo Takasugi (research officer at Sompo Research Institute Inc) and Katsunori Kondo (professor of social epidemiology and health policy at the Center for Preventative Medical Sciences, Chiba University), to inform the project about dementia risk factors and risk reduction efforts in Japan. The evidence submitted in this paper is solely the independent work of the authors, and is also available to download above.


Satellite event at AAIC19 — Los Angeles, US

As part of this project, the WDC co-hosted a satellite roundtable event in Los Angeles, US, on 16 July 2019 with AARP to discuss the evidence base for delivering dementia friendly initiatives. This was the first satellite roundtable the project held and took place alongside AAIC19.


The event brought together stakeholders from across the world to discuss how dementia friendly programs are simultaneously seeking to change society whilst providing support for people with dementia. You can read more about the event in our news article here.


Satellite event at AAICSS — Sydney, Australia

Following the meeting in Los Angeles, the WDC also co-hosted another satellite roundtable event in Sydney, Australia, on 26 September 2019 with the Government of Australia. This was the second satellite roundtable the project held and took place alongside AAICSS, further discussing the design and delivery of dementia friendly initiatives around the world.


You can read more about the event in our news article here.