Dementia leaders set out paths to advance biomarkers and treatments

International research experts gathered yesterday, 18 November, for the first global dialogue event in the dementia landscape project series. Chaired by Dr Maria Carrillo and Professor Philip Scheltens, the discussion included nearly 50 prominent scientists and researchers, who reflected on the progress made in the field in recent years. The workshop also addressed the challenges ahead for the global community in accelerating better diagnosis and advancing new treatments.

Professor Oskar Hansson introduced the conversations with an overview on developments in blood-based biomarkers, with Professor Reisa Sperling following, examining the state of play in imaging and what lies ahead in the field. Dr Eric Siemers and Dr Cath Mummery made contributions around where current efforts in new treatments stand, and the progress being made to deliver a disease-modifying therapy. 

The global dialogues in the series are being held to help track progress made since the world’s first G8 dementia summit was held in 2013 in London. It was here that the international community of top scientists in the field, research funders, pharmaceutical companies and governments committed to accelerate the research agenda and deliver the first disease-modifying treatment by 2025 (a primary aim of the 2025 goals). 

Upcoming events will examine other key topics. A dialogue on care will be chaired by Professor Brian Lawlor and Paul Hogan, and another on prevention/risk reduction will be led by Professor Kaarin Anstey and Professor Philippe Amouyel.