Global dialogue explores progress made and challenges that remain in LMICs

Global leaders from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) gathered on 11 March to take a look at advances in dementia in a dialogue as part of the dementia landscape project series. Chaired by WDC members Meera Pattabiraman and Paola Barbarino, the discussion included over 40 prominent figures from across the world in academia, research, not-for-profit organizations and governments to review progress in these parts of the globe and how participation in clinical trials can be further expanded.

Prior to an open discussion, introductory presentations on progress in clinical trails and the need for clinical trials were given by Dr Paul Kiwanuka-Mukiibi, executive director, Alzheimer Association Uganda, Professor Francisco Lopera, director, Grupo de Neurociencias de Antioquia, University of Antioquia Colombia, and Dr Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath, founder director, Centre for Brain Research, Indian Institute of Science.

The global dialogues in the series are being held to help track progress made since the world’s first G8 dementia summit was held in 2013 in London. It was here that the international community of top scientists in the field, research funders, pharmaceutical companies and governments committed to accelerate the research agenda and deliver the first disease-modifying treatment by 2025 (a primary aim of the 2025 goals).