New WDC project to advance progress towards the 2025 goals

The World Dementia Council met at the end of July to reflect on the progress made towards the 2025 goals and the impact of Covid-19 and agree a programme of activity to help drive the international agenda forward. 

Some of the participants and observers at WDC15

The Council recognised the devastating impact Covid-19 has had on the lives of so many people around the world. Individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia appear to have been particularly hard hit. The Council paid tribute to the many health and social care workers who tirelessly supported people throughout the pandemic. In addition, Covid-19 has had an impact on care and support provided to people with dementia and research. The Council recognised the efforts of many individuals and organizations to understand the immediate impact of and navigate the challenges of Covid-19.

G8 2013
The G8 Dementia Summit in 2013 

In 2013 the international community recognized the major challenges posed to health systems by the growing and relentless dementia epidemic. Since the G8 Dementia Summit significant progress has been made towards advancing research, improving care, raising awareness and understanding how to reduce the risk of dementia. But the challenge remains immense. And Covid-19 has made the task harder. 

The Council decided to launch a project this autumn that would look at the progress towards the 2025 goals: where we have come from, where we are and what policy makers and others can do to help accelerate progress. A number of workshops will be held virtually over the autumn focussed on different policy areas with a summit meeting in 2021 in London. Further information on the programme of activities will be released at the beginning of September.

If you are interested in this new project, please register your interest here.