Transcript of global dialogue on dementia and health system readiness published

The Council has published the transcript from the global dialogue of international leaders assessing dementia and the readiness of health systems. Chaired by Professor Howard Bergman and Dr Peggy Hamburg, the transcript includes presentations by the Alzheimer's Association's Dr Joanne Pike, the Alzheimer's Society's Fiona Carragher and the EMA's Dr Maria Tome.

International experts gathered on 7 July 2021 for the a global dialogue event in the dementia landscape project series, a discussion that included more than 50 prominent practitioners, academics, and people from industry who reflected on the progress made in the field in recent years and assess the challenges that remain.

The global project is reviewing international progress towards the 2025 dementia goals. At the G8 dementia summit in 2013, governments pledged to work together to advance research, improve care, raise awareness and prevent dementia. We are currently holding a series of global dialogue events of global experts to inform this project, and later this year the Council will publish a report on progress towards the 2025 goals.

Other dialogues that have been held as part of this series have included the topics of research, which have explored biomarkers and advances in treatments as well as in clinical trialscare, which assessed the models of care and the burden of caregivers, as well as on prevention, which looked at the state of play around current thinking in risk reduction strategies and lessons from other public health initiatives, technology in dementiadementia in low- and middle-income countries, and data sharing for dementia research.